Digital Advertising Touchscreens

The future of advertising is here!

The days of one way advertising is over, now we have conversations and interaction with our viewers. Digital touchscreen advertising allows your customers to interact and ask questions. They will find answers quicker and make a decision more quickly. This is the advantage of digital touchscreen advertising.

Nowadays in the age of “I want it now” the customer wants the control. Interactive digital advertising with touchscreen technology gives them that control. Imagine you are walking through a shopping centre, you see an advertisement playing on the large touchscreen for a new movie. You see the advert and wonder what cinema it is playing and at what time. You walk up to the screen and touch a button on the screen which then gives you a list of cinemas and play times, problem solved.

Touchscreen digital advertising makes the experience more immediate, the applications are endless and we have the technology here and now to make it work.

Touchscreen Digital Advertising Benefits:

  • Compared to TV very inexpensive
  • Target your market with strategic placement
  • Interaction is a two way street
  • Customers get immediate targeted information
  • Run your advert 24/7 if needed
  • Provide relevant additional information with the advert


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