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Digital Menu Displays

Technology has found its way into the cafe and restaurant industry. We are now seeing more and more digital menus and why not it makes sense. A fast food outlet changes the menu often, digital changes are cheaper and more flexible than print.

We are now well and truly intrenched in the interactive age. McDonalds allow you to create your own burger on their in-store touchscreen, this has been a huge success. Many small cafes and restaurants are seeing the benefits of being able to not only show their menu selection but to also is to show larger images and videos to help their customers make a decision. Every other form of advertising is finding its way to video, research shows people would prefer to watch a video then read text. If you need more convincing then take a look at how popular You Tube is.

Digital Menus are very Versatile

What do we mean by versatile? A digital menu gives you the ability to show multiple images, video, daily specials, different menus for different times of the day. There really aren’t any limitations to what you can do on your digital menu. Imagine you have your own TV station and you have complete control over what your customers see. This is what you can have with your own digital menu set-up.

Digital Menu Benefits:

  • Update your menus quickly
  • Instantly add or change the daily specials.
  • Show different menus for different times of the day eg. breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Encouraging customers to buy higher-end menu items by up selling with ‘special meal deals’.
  • Video will draw in new customers and reinforcing brand or store loyalty for existing customers.
  • Replace static messages with dynamic advertisements so you can promote a wider range of menu items and increase sales.
  • Save cost by reducing printing costs.

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