Do you have any tips on designing a touch screen software application?


Whilst a touch screen emulates a mouse, and theoretically will work in most applications that work with a mouse, the following may also be helpful:

  • Remember that your finger is larger than a mouse pointer. Design your buttons large enough and spaced far enough apart for a finger to touch easily.
  • Include a graphical or audio response to each touch. This will indicate to the user that his/her touch was accepted and will not leave the user confused.
  • Try to make navigation simple. Limit choices and consider if you can avoid using scroll bars, drop-down menus and double-clicks.. This will make it as easy as possible for the user.
  • Try to offer as much on-screen assistance as possible.
  • Minimise the amount of text- the fewer words, the more likely the user is to engage the kiosk.
  • Keep the easy decisions at the beginning – difficult or complicated questions should be saved for the end. If the first thing the user sees is a question they don’t know how to complete, they may be reluctant to even begin the interactive process.
  • Bright backgrounds will hide fingerprints more than a black background would.

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