Infrared touch screen technology


Infrared technology uses a small frame around the display with LED’s and photo receptors hidden behind an infrared transparent bezel. The controller pulses the LED’s to create a grid of IR light beams. A touch obstructs the beams which identifies the X and Y coordinates.


TouchScreen Solutions supplies all popular touch screen technologies. For most applications, if the budget allows we recommend infrared technology. Whilst this technology is more expensive to produce than others, it is generally a more robust and preferred solution.

Benefits of infrared technology:

  • Can be scaled to any size without losing resolution
  • Calibration stability – no touch point drift
  • High clarity and light transmission
  • High chemical, scratch, breakage, and liquid resistance
  • High sealability from dust and liquids
  • Touch can be activated by anything including finger, gloved hand, or stylus
  • High durability since a touch is only interrupting light beams

Popular brands that often use infrared touch screen technology:

  • Nexio
  • IBM
  • ELO

Please contact us to discuss if infra-red technology is the best solution for your requirements.

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