Information Directories Touchscreens

Information Directories are everywhere, they have become so intrenched in our everyday life we tend to not even be that impressed by what they offer. But remove them from our life and watch the train wreck. As humans we rely on getting help everyday, if we can’t find our way we use GPS in our car,  or on our phone. If we can’t find shop we look it up in Google, we have come to expect that help will always be at hand.

When you walk into an environment like a building foyer you would expect to see some signage to explain where everything is. Information Directories are now common place and for good reason, they are prominent and yet take you little space.  They are easy to use, have amazing functionality and can be customised to both suit your style and how you want the software to work.

Software Development

At TouchScreen Solutions we don’t develop the software in-house, this is a highly specialised skill which is changing at a rapid rate. In order for us to keep up-to-date we rely on our software partners to provide us with the best advice and solutions. We have many years experience working this way and have provided hundreds of businesses with wonderful outcomes for Information Directory software and hardware solutions.

Information Directories are Suited to:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Commercial Foyers
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Retail Precincts
  • Sporting Venues (MCG, Rod Laver etc.)
  • Bus, Train Stations
  • Public Spaces

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TouchScreen Solutions is able to assist you with full touch screen information directories including hardware, software, installation and support, either directly or through our network of software partners.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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