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Interactive signage touch screens are now being used everywhere. The retail and hospitality industries have become very proactive with how they use touch screen technology. Interactive technology can improve productivity and customer experience.

Traditional advertising was a one way conversation. The advertiser would present an offering through the poster, the viewer had no direct or immediate way of responding. Advertising nowadays is different, just like social media, interactive signage is a two way conversation. The client provides information and the user can peruse to look for more information.

Interactive signage is the future of advertising

This might sound like a big statement but it is really true. Think about it for a second,  nearly everyone over the age of 13 carries a computer in their pocket. Your smart phone is a computer if you were wondering what we were referring to. The next generation will never have know a world without smartphones, social media or the internet.

This generation is being called “Generation NOW!”, because they expect everything now. They can find anything they want through their phone at the touch of their finger. Their patience is short, their attention span even shorter, if you want to get their attention you’d better have a good message and your message had better have the ability for them to interact.

Interactive Signage Benefits:

  • Work your advertising message into a interactive game
  • Promote your message through a video
  • Interaction with customers will embed your brand message
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • The younger generation want to interact
  • Multiple messages without needing a large space
  • You can use music to help grab attention

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