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Connect with your customers through interactive touch technology anytime.

Touchscreen Kiosks need two elements in which to succeed. One is the touchscreen technology and the physical screen. The second is the software to run the interaction with the customer. The kiosk software offers customisation and ease of use for great user experience.

Customers seek information about products and services to help them with their buying decisions or to learn more about a topic of interest. Traditionally, information has been delivered in person or by offering paper-based flyers, brochures, posters and banners, making them inflexible, costly to keep updated, time consuming to create, and resulting in mountains of paper waste.

Technology-based information delivery has overcome some of the these difficulties, but most solutions are missing features, limiting their usefulness on both the customer and the kiosk owner side.

To be effective, information kiosks need to have four critical components:

  1. Easy and fast access around the clock.
  2. Being attractive and user-friendly.
  3. Containing interactive and to-the-point information.
  4. Allowing for easy and low cost edits and updates.

Touchscreen solutions understands the benefits you can gain through the use of touchscreen kiosks, the following list is a small compilation of the benefits.

Multimedia and interactivity. Make information engaging, add movies and sound to your information kiosk.

Maximise impact. Integrate documents, presentations and multimedia from multiple sources.

Emphasise your brand and carry the brand consistency over to the information kiosk. Create brand interactions that will promote affinity to your brand and deepen the attachment to your products and services.

Extend information delivery to your web site. Maximise your information efforts with access to all or some pages of your website.

Engage the mobile crowd with text messages and virtual coupons sent to their mobile phone.

Empower self-information with multiple information layers. Let your customers decide how much they want to know and create as many information layers as needed.

Schedule when, what is displayed. Create programming plans for morning, afternoon and evening hours to make the information or promotion even more timely and useful.

TouchScreen Solutions is ideally placed to provide you with:

  • All popular touch screen products (desktops, large format, industrial, kiosks, touch panels etc),
  • All popular touch screen technologies (Resistive, Infrared, SAW, Capacitive),
  • Fast delivery of products (Overnight delivery to most capital cities),
  • Competitive product pricing,
  • Specialist technical advice and  and ongoing support.

We can source almost anything related to touch screens and welcome any non standard enquiries.

Please contact us and give us the opportunity to win your business.

Kiosk Applications we can help you with:

  • Information kiosk
  • Educational kiosk
  • Sales promotion kiosk
  • Infotainment kiosk
  • Edutainment kiosk
  • Loyalty kiosk
  • Patient kiosk
  • Secure web-site browsing
  • Electronic brochure rack
  • Product information kiosk
  • Product show cases
  • Tourist information kiosk
  • Exhibit background information
  • Interactive digital signage

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