Touch Screen Specifications

Touch CharacteristicsNEC V SERIES 32″,42″,46″,55″
Input MethodFinger, glove or stylus interaction
Touch Activation ForceNo minimum touch activation force
Position AccuracyTypical Centroid Accuracy
Response TimeTouch: 16msDrawing: 25ms
GlassTransmission: 92% up to 100%
Thickness: 5% with anti-vandal coating
Optics Cell Pitch32” – 5.35mm42” – 5.7mm46” – 5.35mm55” – 5.7mm
Optics Number32” – 131(h) x 74(v)42” – 163(h) x 91(v)46” – 190(h) x 107(v)55” – 212(h) x 119(v)
Available Object Sizes for TouchTouch: ∅7mmDrawing: ∅8mm
Electrical & EnvironmentNEC V SERIES 32″,42″,46″,55″
Temperature*Operating: -20˚C to 85˚C (32” & 42”)Operating: -10˚C to 60˚C (55” & 65”)
 Storage: -40˚C to 85˚C
Humity*Operating: -20˚C to 85˚C (32” & 42”)Operating: 0˚C to 85˚C (55” & 65”)
 Storage: 0% to 95%
Power ConsumptionMax 2W (5V, 400mA)Max 6W (12V, 500mA)
InterfaceUSB 2
Detection MethodInfrared
WarrantyTouch Screen: 3 years limited warranty
 Controller: 3 years limited warranty
 LCD Display: 3 years limited warranty

*Touch Screen specification – does not apply to LCD display.

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