NEXPRO Touch Screens
32″ to 86″



NEXPRO 32″ to 86″ Range

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These NEXPRO 32″ to 86″ touch screens are designed to be used for industrial or commercial applications, and can withstand rugged environments. The NEXPRO touch screens are extremely robust and reliable, ideally suited to office, school, commercial, industrial and public access environments.

Touch Technology

The NEXPRO 32″ to 86″ range offers great versatility across multiple market segments. They have specifically been developed for commercial and industrial use, making them ideal for applications where durability and maintenance needs to be kept to a minimum.

Public Exposure

Anyone who has had experience with indoor touch screens which spend their life at a public location will understand there are individuals who will always test the strength and durability of touch screen used for a kiosk and digital signage. For these reasons the NEXIO range has become the ideal answer to providing businesses, councils, shires across the country with a reliable solution which will last.


  • High Definition display
  • Easy fitting
  • High Reliable & Durable
  • Touchscreen built-in
  • PCAP (Optimized for outdoor applications
    Bezel Free)
  • Cost Effective
  • Ten point multi-touch in Windows 10


  • Indoor Digital Signage
  • Entertainment & Touch Table
  • Advertisement & Gaming
  • Education, transportation and many other
    industrial fields.
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