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The 42″ Outdoor Kiosk is designed specifically for outdoor environments. As such it is resistant to water, contains a high grade vandal proof screen and the screen is bright enough to be seen in the brightest sunlight. Great for shopping centres, parks, hospitals, schools, railway stations and just about any outdoor location.

Australian Designed and Manufactured

Designed for use in the public domain, this rugged touch screen kiosk can withstand the harshest environments. The 42’’ Outdoor Kiosk in portrait mode is IP65 outdoor protection grade meeting the high brightness sunlight readable requirements. Widely used in commercial and residential districts, tourist areas, hospitals, schools, railway stations and other outdoor places.

Robust Full HD Multi-Touch Display

With a vibrant, 42” high clarity very high brightness (1500 cd/m2) sunlight readable touch screen. Users can effortlessly interact with your content with both standard touch and Windows 7 multi-touch gestures. The touch monitor is commercial quality which allows for extended 24/7 use and extreme reliability. The display is protected with vandal resistant 6mm thick toughened glass.

Optional Add Ons

  • Industrial PC can be integrated for systems with needed information issue system
  • Embedded Media Player
  • Touch Screen (Infrared touch technology)
  • IP65 antennas, router 3G card and connectors for internet access


  • All weather sunlight readable LCD screen.
  • Brightness from 1500units – 2500units.
  • In-built PC i3 processor 4Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD
  • Working temperature from -40°C to 55°C
  • Waterproof and Dustproof (meet IP65)
  • 42″ High Resolution Touch Screen 1920 x 1080
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Outdoor 42 Kiosk | Touch Screen Solutions

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