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We collaborated on two separate touch overlay projects to transform traditional displays into interactive experiences. These included the Bondi Story Room and the Paul Ramsay Foundation project, both aimed at enhancing user interaction through advanced touch technology.


Our task was to convert static walls and screens into engaging, touch-interactive surfaces. Each project required a tailored approach to integrate touch overlays seamlessly with existing infrastructures, ensuring both accessibility and durability.


For the Bondi Story Room, we supplied and installed the necessary technology to turn a plain wall into a dynamic, interactive display that people could engage with. The project involved selecting and integrating high-quality touch overlay frames that complement the existing digital environment.

In the Paul Ramsay Foundation project, we provided the touch overlay technology and assisted with the installation process. This involved adapting conventional screens into touch-interactive displays, enhancing the interactive capabilities of the space.


Each project was meticulously planned and executed to meet the specific needs of the client. We ensured that all installations were carried out with precision, and functionality was thoroughly tested to meet high standards of user interaction and reliability.


Both projects received positive feedback for their innovation and the enhanced interactivity they provided. The installations not only met the clients’ expectations but also significantly improved the engagement levels of users interacting with the displays.


These projects demonstrate our capability to deliver cutting-edge touch overlay solutions that transform traditional spaces into interactive hubs. They underscore our commitment to enhancing digital interactions and our ability to tailor solutions to meet diverse client needs.

Please visit the following links to view more about each project:
Bondi Story Room
Yirranma Place – Paul Ramsay Foundation

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can enhance your digital interactions with our innovative touch overlay technology.

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