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Virgin Australia sought to upgrade their lounge entry kiosks to enhance the customer experience at various airports. The objective was to provide a more intuitive and efficient self-service entry process, aligning with the high standards of convenience and luxury expected by their travellers.


The upgrade needed to address several key areas: enhancing the physical durability of the kiosks, improving usability for a broad range of customers, including those with physical disabilities, and ensuring the new hardware would integrate smoothly with Virgin Australia’s existing systems.


Our approach began with a detailed analysis of the existing kiosks to identify areas for improvement. Collaborating closely with Virgin Australia, we designed a more robust and user-friendly hardware interface. This included selecting high-quality materials capable of withstanding the rigorous conditions of busy airport environments.

The design phase focused on enhancing the user interface and accessibility. Our team employed best practices in UI/UX to create an engaging and easy-to-navigate layout, which was integrated into the new hardware setup. Special attention was given to ensuring that the kiosks were accessible to all users, including those with reduced mobility or other physical challenges.


The upgraded kiosks were implemented in a staged rollout across Virgin Australia’s lounge network throughout major airport hubs. Each phase was closely monitored to ensure seamless integration and functionality, with adjustments made based on real-time feedback.


The upgraded kiosks received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, who appreciated the streamlined and intuitive entry process. Virgin Australia benefited from reduced physical maintenance issues and enhanced customer satisfaction at their lounge entries. The project also marked a significant reduction in the need for manual assistance from staff, allowing them to focus on providing a higher level of hospitality within the lounges.


The successful upgrade of the touch screen kiosks at Virgin Australia’s customer lounges underscores our expertise in delivering customised hardware solutions that enhance user experience and operational efficiency. This project has not only improved the entry process for Virgin Australia’s lounges but has also set a benchmark for future enhancements in the airline industry.

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