Skape 42L – Grab Your Customers’ Attention

Grabbing Your Customers’ Attention

One of the main reasons for using a touchscreen kiosk is for the engagement it provides with your customers (staff, contractors or users in general). The user experience market is growing rapidly because we understand that there is huge return on investment when the customer can be engaged and lead to a next step.

The next step can be as simple as giving information content as to what is on that day in a club, or directions on how to get somewhere in a building. It can also be as complex as leading someone through a full sales process to the point that they carry out a transaction and make a purchase.

At the very least, a great user experience promotes a sense of happiness in the customer because they have had a good user experience. The upside is fulfillment of whatever you deem your required outcome to be.

The point where many users get stuck is simply that they don’t attract people to the kiosk in the first place. A potential user walks straight past the kiosk not realising it is there, or what it is there for.

This is where you need to use a kiosk that captures attention. It is necessary to consider the space and what is going on in that space to decide which kiosk best suits your needs.

A 42” kiosk is great for a space with a bit more room. The Skape 42, for example,  has the size and the looks to attract attention in its standard form. The size of the 42” Skape demands that people take note of it, while at the same time the height of the touchscreen kiosk is such that you can easily see past it to other areas or items that you want the customer to take note of.

It is also important to ensure that a large touchscreen kiosk such as Touchscreen Solutions Skape 42” will meet the requirements of wheelchair accessibility.

In summary, make sure the look, width and height of the touchscreen, grab your customers’ attention, so you and they get the best result possible from using it.

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