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Our software prevents users from accessing your browser menus.

Our Kiosk Lockdown software acts as a secure kiosk browser. Our software wraps around your application, displaying it full-screen and restricting user access from the operating system, desktop and browser.

You can configure our software and forget about it. Our security software will ensure that your application is always up and running, returning to your start page after every use.


  • Prevents kiosk hacking from malicious users.
  • Prevents downtime (saves money)
  • Easy to use – set and forget software
  • Prevents accidental improper use
  • Configure to start up and shut down touch screen

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our security software please call 1300 886 824 or email us online.

Key Features

  • You can customise the lock-down software based based on your kiosk requirements.
  • Displays your website or any application that runs in Internet Explorer
  • Enter your application start page
  • Setup allow-list
  • Enter your approved domains or pages
  • Select keys you wish to block
  • Disable downloads etc
  • Your application can be displayed in full-screen kiosk mode

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