NXO Logo | Touch Screen Solutions

NEXIO Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 15″ to 86″

NEXIO Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading touch screen manufacturer with an excellence in Infrared original technology. Our NEXIO range offers Infrared and ProCap touchscreen solutions from 15″ to 86” & more to meet all major industry requirements.


TES Logo | Touch Screen Solutions

TES Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 10″ to 55″

Touch Embedded Solutions Inc. is a customer driven and market focused organisation that provides excellence in value, innovation, service, quality, reliability, safety, technical support and consultancy in the creation of touch enabled monitors for OEM/ODM partners.


ELO Logo | Touch Screen Solutions

ELO Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 7″ to 65″

As a leading global supplier of interactive solutions, #EloIsEverywhere.  Built on a unified architecture, Elo’s broad portfolio allows our customers to easily Choose, Configure, Connect & Control to create a unique experience. Choose from all-in-one systems, open-frame monitors, and touchscreen monitors ranging from 7 to 65 inches.

Philips Logo | Touch Screen Solutions

PHILIPS Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 43″ to 84″

Philips are a household name in many areas of electronics, and in the commercial world they are also prominent in digital signage and infra-red touch screens. With a range from 43” up to 84” in multi-touch, with toughened glass, their high quality touch monitors they are a cost effective option for wall mounted and stand mounted applications.

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