Touchscreen Troubleshooter Quick Tips

Touchscreen Troubleshooter Quick Tips

Touchscreen Solutions provide Touchscreens that rarely breakdown. The most common issue with a problem touchscreen is not the touchscreen at all, but normally an issue with the computer running the touch function.

Here’s a few quick tips to troubleshoot your touchscreen.

  1. Turn it off and turn it on again. As funny and cliched as it sounds restarting the touchscreen and the computer carries out some reset of some functions that might be blocking signals.
  2. Plug the USB cord into a different port. Unplug the connected USB cord from the computer and plug it into a different port. If a different USB port is not available give the plug a good blow to remove any dust. It is often just a poor connection that leads to a signal interruption. You can do the same with the USB plug attached to the screen.
  3. Try a different computer. Use a computer that you know is working on a different screen (it doesn’t have to be a touchscreen) and plug it into the touchscreen. If the touchscreen now works, there is a problem with the computer you had been using.
  4. Check the power. The previous points assume that there has been power running to the screen. In some instances the screen is fine, but the power pack or an associated part has failed. As with all electrical appliances, a power surge can cause damage to various components of the screen. Sometimes, the power supply adaptor is the item the has a fault. Where available, use a power supply from a similar screen. Once diagnosed we can quickly ship you a new power supply.


If your touchscreen is still giving you trouble phone Touchscreen Solutions on 02 8814 7844 for a free technical support call*. Even if your touchscreen is past its warranty period we are happy to help you get your touchscreen working. Our technical help will establish if there is anything else that can be done remotely, or advice we can give over the phone.

The next step is to send the touch screen to Touchscreen Solutions for evaluation. Our inhouse technical department will evaluate the touch screen and report back to you within 2 business days, and a quote provided for repairs if necessary.

Our aim is to get your touchscreen fault rectified and have you utilising its benefits a quickly as possible.

*Conditions apply to your free support call. Contact Touchscreen Solutions for more details.

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