Kiosk & Touch Screen Travel Cases

Travel Cases

Your kiosk is a valuable asset, if you are planning on moving your kiosks around we recommend you purchase a custom build case for your kiosk. We use these same cases for all our hire kiosks and we strongly recommend their quality and ability to keep you kiosk safe and sound.

Touchscreen Solutions produce quality road cases / travel cases for all of our kiosk designs. All of our hard protective case designs have been thoroughly tested with our own kiosk hire stock. We wouldn’t trust with our own kiosks if we didn’t rate them. If you are getting a custom built kiosk with us please don’t forget to ask about getting a travel case built for your new toy.

We can also build travel cases for many other components which you may need for your kiosk. Don’t take the risk, the cost of replacement or repair will cost more then our rock solid travel cases. If you already have a travel case and it has done its job and is near the end of its life then we can easily replace them.

We have cases for these kiosks:

  • Silhouette Kiosk
  • Skape 42inch Kiosk
  • Skape 55inch Kiosk
  • Miner Kiosk
  • Outdoor 42 Kiosk
  • Outdoor KWO 43 Kiosk
  • Curvex Kiosk
  • Diamond Kiosk
  • Lumen Kiosk
  • Wayfinder Kiosk
  • L32 Kiosk
  • Custom cases can be built for any kiosk we produce.

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TouchScreen Solutions is able to assist you with any travel case question with respect to kiosks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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