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Our wayfinder software solutions have helped thousands of people find there easily without unwanted stress. Research has shown when you show a person a visual route to their destination they are far more likely to remember it. This is why wayfinding on a touchscreen has proven to be so popular.

TouchScreen Solutions can provide you with Wayfinder solutions to accompany your touch screen kiosks. These solutions have been used with great success by many industries. Our Wayfinder Software Solutions are available for:

  • Wayfinder kiosks for Hospitals
  • Wayfinder kiosks for Universities
  • Wayfinder kiosks for Shopping Centres
  • Wayfinder kiosks for Office buildings
  • Wayfinder kiosks for Entertainment complexes


Wayfinder Software Features:

  • The system is self-explanatory: minimal reading and language skills are required.
  • The system can display different perspective (first person view, bird‘s eye view, etc.).
  • Building operators can adapt the route network. Routes can be closed-off and alternative routes can  be displayed.
  • Factual data (e. g. occupancy of rooms) can be changed by the building operator via a web interface.
  • Scanning the QR-code allows the user to obtain the 3d sequences on his mobile phone in a matter of seconds without the need to type.
  • Sequences can be sent by SMS, or be integrated as tiny-URL and forwarded.

For more information please call 1300 886 824 or contact us online and one of our sales representatives will be happy to discuss your enquiry.

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TouchScreen Solutions is able to assist you with full touch screen wayfinding technology including hardware, software, installation and support, either directly or through our network of software partners.

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