What to look for when buying a touch screen monitor?


How many years of warranty am I going to get?

Warranty term is a very good indication of hardware quality. For most customers high up time is a key criterion in their buying decision. Touch Screens come with very different life expectancies, and warranty term is the best indication of the manufacturer’s expectation of the life span of their product.

How sturdy is the stand when it is touched?

Often a touch screen is fitted as an after market product into a non touch LCD frame. Usually this results in a good end product. But one issue is that a non touch LCD frame is not built to be as solid when touched as a purpose built touch screen frame. When the screen is touched it may rock or wobble a little. Test it to see if this is an important consideration.

What type of touch screen technology is used?

There are many types of touch screen technology on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your touch screen supplier should ask you about your application, and should be able to give you a clear explanation of why the technology that they are recommending is the best solution for your application.

Where have the touch screens been sold?

Some touch screens are much more robust than others. And one style of touch screens may suit an environment more than another. Ask your touch screen supplier what the other companies in your industry have purchased.Ask if you can have a short term free evaluation A reputable touch screen supplier who is confident of his product may be willing to offer a free 7 day trial of their product. This is likely to only be on their main product lines that they hold plenty of stock of. This can be especially important if you are buying over the internet, or phone or larger volume purchase sight unseen.

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