5 Reasons to use a NEXPRO55″ Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreen Solutions has seen a massive growth in the user experience market and the touchscreen has played an enormous role. The complete range of Nexpro screens addresses the needs of different customers. The Nexpro 55” is currently the most popular size.

Here’s 5 Reasons to use a NEXPRO 55 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Reason #1: Looks

The new range of projected capacitive touchscreens provide the most modern design features to ensure they fit into any surroundings. The edge to edge full glass gives a beautiful flat surface with no heavy bezel to interfere with its flow.
The smooth finish makes the Nexpro 55 perfect for flush installation into a wall or table as well as giving a look that goes beautifully when simply wall mounted.

Reason #2: Reliability

Older technology screens had issues with the touch not being recorded where you were actually touching. A technician would need to recalibrate the screen to make sure your touch was recorded in the right place.
The latest technology Nexpro projected capacitive range is pre-calibrated and never needs to be redone. You just plug and play. Of course, in the unlikely event that there is ever a technical problem, Touchscreen Solutions has its own in house technical support so you have one simple call to make.

Reason #3: Creativity

Touchscreens have a come a long way from a simple replacement to the mouse and keyboard. With multi-touch technology you can now use the screen as the tool you always wanted. You can zoom in, expand, rotate, flick, edit on screen and so much more. Ideal for showing off what you have produced.

Reason #4: Size

The Nexpro 55” is the most popular size for single and multiple users. It is big enough to see across a room or have a number of people stand in front of without restriction. It is also a great size for one person to be able to utilise the whole screen without having to move around.

Reason #5: Engagement

Whether it’s one user or multiple, having the user experience is what it is all about. Providing your customers with the ability to interact, be it using a game or interacting with your sales presentation, delivers the ‘touch’ sense that is missing in a non touch presentation or brochure.

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